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About Us

Owned and Operated by Dr. Bill Bender a Holistic Chiropractor. We specialize in helping people solve their health concerns, naturally and alternatively without the unnecessary use of drugs or surgery.

Dr. Bill Bender has been an Alternative Doctor for over 30yrs. He has a passion for what he does so people can live longer, healthier and have more vitality. His staff is inviting, well educated and trained!

Think to yourself ''Just as the tip of an iceberg does not sink ships'', Bender Chiropractic Health and Vitality Center looks below the surface to eliminate the cause of symptoms and ill-health.

We enjoy a great reputation and are most well-known for:
* ''Non-manipulative'' Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique
* Nutrition Response Testing to discover the exact nutrients for body
repairing and healing
* Community presentations on Health and Wellness

''There is great satisfaction assisting a person to feel better than ever and thrive on all levels''; states Dr. Bender.

If you are sick, tired, unhealthy, over-weight, chronically ill, or in pain, going from drug to drug, doctor to doctor; yet seemingly no better for all the effort and expense? Have your current treatments left you frustrated and discouraged?

If so, you may be a perfect fit for our natural approach to wellness. If you are ready to get off the ''symptom treatment Merry-Go-Round'', we welcome you to a consultation to see how we may solve the underlying causes of your most troubling health challenges.

Rep/Contact Info

Dr. Bill Bender
  • Phone: (586) 296-6242